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3000 BC to 2000 BC – Native American people from continental US

200 BC – Igneri people from Venezuela merged with people from Hispaniola and Cuba to form the Taino culture.

1st through 15th centuries – Taino Indians flourished until Europeans arrival.

15th Century – European arrival starts

Early 16th Century – Taino rebellion against European invaders

16th Century – Spanish Colonialism called the island, Isla Nena “Little Girl Island”

17th Century – European Colonisalism (French, Danish and British) repulsed by Spanish

1688 and 1717 – British subjects from Anguilla, St. Kitts, Nevis and Antiqua occupied Vieques.  British called the island, Crab Island. (Spanish naval expeditions from Puerto Rico later confirmed Spanish control over Vieques.)

1698 – Scottish fleet took possession of the island in the name of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies.  A Danish ship arrived in short order and claimed the island.

1811 – The Spanish permanently settled the island.

1823 – Frenchman, Tefilo Le Guillou, founded Vieques under Spanish jurisdiction.

1854 – Vieques was formally annexed to Puerto Rico.

1898 – Vieques and Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States’ defeat of Spain in the Spanish – American War.

1941 through 1947 – US Navy took over the eastern and western sections of Vieques.

2003 – US Navy relinquishes all appropriated sections of Vieques to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.




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